Frugal Fridays: Chinese New Year Inspired

If there’s anything I splurge on it’s usually skin care, eye shadow and base/foundation. I’m a firm believer that having a great base/foundation makes for a flawless makeup finish look, meaning prepping your skin with products catering to your skin’s needs as well as base that won’t clog pores.

I’m always striving to stay on the look out for products that are inexpensive without compromising the quality of the product, I have been uhhh fairly pleased with some of my drugstore finds but here are some of the ones that are high-end comparable in performance and price point.

For Chinese New Year’s day, I wanted to incorporate these products on my day’s red and gold look.
I prepped my skin with my usual day time skin care products, then primed with Lancome’s La Base Primer ($42.00 Sephora) I used Illamasqua’s Skin Base Foundation ($42 Sephora) set it with Rimmel’s Mattifying Powder ($4.99). For my brows, I used the Maybelline’s Color Tattoo in Matte Brown ($6.99 Limited Edition Ulta)- I didn’t get much use for this as I found it to be too drying for my lids so I used it for my brows to fill in the sparse area instead and it works amazing. On to the eyes, I primed my lids with Lorac’s Behind the Scene Primer ($21 Ulta) and used Lorac Pro Palette ($42 Ulta -FYI Sephora no longer carry Lorac products) along with the gold from Marc Jacob’s Starlet Palette ($59 Sephora Exclusive) for my liners, I used Milani’s Eye Tech Extreme WP Liquid Eye Liner ($8.49 CVS)  and smudged Rimmel ScandalEye liner ($4.99 CVS) on the lower lash, upper and lower waterline and set with the black from the PRO Palette and finished the look with my current fave mascara which is the Loreal Lash Out Butterfly Mascara ($8.99 Ulta) in WP Blackest Black.
For the cheeks, I used my Benefit Hoola bronzer to contour and my go to this week blush and highlight from the Nars’ Guy Bourdin Palette.
For Lips, I opted for a satin finished red lips just because the matte is drying and my lips are a bit chapped :-( otherwise, I would have used my MAC’s Rubywoo Red, for this look I used Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm ($7.99 Ulta) in Standout to line and fill then topped it off with Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer ($5.89 Ulta) in Big Bang and blotted it lightly to remove some of that gloss for a more satin finish.

Frugal Fridays: CNY Inspired

Frugal Fridays: CNY Inspired

Frugal Fridays: CNY Inspired

*****Thoughts on the products mentioned*****
Some of these products I’ve owned for a while and some fairly recent/holiday releases.
Lancome La Base Primer- I like this, it’s oil-free, silicon feel primer that works well for me specially in the winter months where my skin feels a lil drier. A thinner consistency compared to Smashbox’s Photofinish primer. Longevity is not that great though, I found that whenever I used this primer my face is shiny on the 5th-6th hour. This primer is definitely not going to be a good recommendation to oily-combination skin. It may emphasize larger pores as it is not a filler primer and a little goes a long way.

Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation- I’ve used this foundation for over 2 years now and it’s definitely one of my go-to foundation specially for the summer time. It is a matte finish foundation with a medium-full coverage. It has an interesting sweet smelling scent that usually dissipates after the foundation is applied and dried. I can’t confirm on the longevity of this foundation but I can attest to about 8 hours of matte to semi-matte by the end of the day and would need to set it with powder and maybe a mid day blot if you’re oily, definitely a go for oily-combination skin and if you have dry skin, make sure you have a hydrating moisturizer underneath.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder- Please read last #FrugalFriday post for a review of this product.

Maybelline Color Tattoo- These Color Tattoo’s are supposed to be a dupe for MAC’s paint pots and some do perform just as well but this one particular matte that came out in the fall of 2013, limited edition I believe, it is a bit too dry for me and hard to blend but I did find a great use for it. I ended up using this to fill in my brows and it works wonderful. I can call this a dupe to Anastasia’s brow dip. It is great for sparse brows and set it with powder matching my brows.

Lorac Behind the Scene Primer- This is a great primer and it goes on smoothly and it did keep my shadows true to color after application. It does not conceal the lids as the formula is a light one that disappears once applied on the lids so if you need to conceal lids, I suggest using a paint pot or cream shadow as a base. Longevity is ok if you don’t have an oily lid. In the summer time I usually turn to my trusted UD potion primer for it’s creaseless and long lasting formula. If you have non-oily or dry skin, give this Lorac primer a try but if you have an oily or creasy lids, opt for UD potion primer. As mentioned above, this primer is no longer available at Sephora so hunt yours at Ulta or online.

Lorac Pro Palette- I am in love with this palette (Just as I am with my other ones lol) but the versatility of this palette with it’s perfect blend of mattes and shimmer gives me the flexibility to create endless looks from natural day look to a more sultry, smokey night look. The palette contains pigmented and super easy to blend shadows. Price point is on the higher end but seriously, this palette will last you a long time and I think it’s definitely worth the investment.

Marc Jacobs Style Eye-Con Starlet Palette- Collection review of this palette is available here.

Milani Eye Tech Extreme WP Eye Liner- This has got to be one of my favorite liquid liner from the drugstore. It is a matte black eye liner that is easy to apply with it’s felt tip applicator (Perfect for beginners) goes on smoothly and best of all it stays and does not flake off.

Rimmel ScandalEye Liner- I like how creamy this is and so easy to apply. It is great for waterlining, unfortunately my eyes are too sensitive and have yet to find one eye liner (highend or drugstore) that stays on my waterline, this is great for lining and it blends and smudges so easily to create a smokey look. If your eyes are not so sensitive like mine, this is definitely a great eye liner.

Loreal Lash Out Butterfly Mascara- I am so impressed with this mascara. I originally purchased the original one and I loved it and it had a similar scent to my YSL’s shocking mascara ( as it should be expected since they have the same manufacturing parent) and I am impressed with the volume and length it gave me but…. the original one did not hold my curl and t definitely transferred on my lower lash when I had a teary moment the evening of when I wore the mascara (long story, my brother in law came home and surprised my niece and they caught it on video and I was boohoo-ing when I was watching the video-perfect mascara test if you ask me lol) Anyhow, I digress…but yeah this mascara was amazing for volumizing and lengthening my short stubby lashes so as soon as the waterproof formula was released, you already know I was all over that sucker and boy it did not disappoint, it is my current go to mascara on a day to day wear specially on my minimal days of brows, CC cream and mascara days. The brush is still taking a bit longer to get used to but the product itself is amazing.

Benefit Hoola Bronzer- Can’t say enough praise about this bronzer. This matte formulation is so easy to blend and works well with so many undertones from fair pinks to darkest olive. Benefit’s cheek products are amazing in general but this has been a fave repurchase of mine since it’s introduction and I would probably be hurt and depressed if they ever discontinue it’s production.

NARS Guy Bourdin Cheek Palette- I have to admit, I have struggled with the decision to buy or pass on this product when it launched for the holidays 2013, but only because I already owned full sizes of the 4 blushes in this collection, but what sold me was the highlighter in the palette. It had the perfect shimmer that is not frosty or glittery and the other matte pink shade is just so pretty underneath the orgasm in the palette. Overall, this is a great palette but unfortunately with it being a limited item, it may be hard to find them now. :-/ The good news is they are available in single pans except the highlighter, which I hope they do add them on to the permanent collection.

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm Stick- This lip balm right here?!?!? Oh Em Gee! This is a super pigmented and moisturizing lip balm stick, It is creamy and easy to apply. One swipe provides enough coverage and actually lasts for a good 3-4 hours. The finish is not too matte that it dries up your lips because of it’s balm formulation. You can definitely wear this alone or top it off with any gloss to add some shine to it like I did with Rimmel’s Showoff Laquer ,This is a super pigmented laquer that can be worn alone or on top of any lipstick like I did. It is a great lip laquer that is super pigmented and has a glossy finish. You can mattify this lip laquer with a simple tissue blot.

Frugal Fridays: CNY Inspired

Whew that was a lot of product…. Thank you for reading and if you have any products you wanted reviewed, high end or drugstore, please comment with your thoughts below or email, don’t forget to share & socialize with me on twitterinstagram and facebook ……stay beauty-full :)

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Frugal Friday: Base, Contour and Highlight

I am starting a new series called #FrugalFridays which will feature a balance of highstreet or drugstore product with some mid/high end products. This week’s #FrugalFriday feature, a flawless base complete with contour and highlight.

The top of the year usually marks beauty releases for drugstore brands and this year there were a ton of new releases. And of course I had to try “some” of them. Some were “WOW” and some “Not-So-Much” and I won’t be featuring all of them on this post but will probably review and post them on next posts. So on with the feature… I picked up the new release from Rimmel, Stay Matte Primer ($10 Ulta) and two Stay Matte Foundations ($4.99 Ulta) in shades 200 Soft Beige and 203 Soft Beige (Comes in 8 shades) and mixed them together to get the closest match to my winter skin. (This should be a perfect shade by the time summer hits) I also picked up Covergirl’s TruBlend Fixstix concealer ($7.99 Ulta) in Deep 5-6-7 for my contour, and was super intrigued with what Ive heard to be the best dupe so far for the BeautyBlender ($20.00) which is the Miracle Complexion Sponge by Real Techniques ($5.99). The rest of the product are ones I already have in my collection. I used Maybelline’s Instant Age Rewind concealer ($8.99 Ulta) in Light for my highlight and set it all with Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder ($4.99 Ulta) in transparent 01.

***First Impression on the new products***

Rimmel Stay Matte Primer- This was ok, I think it works better on a normal-combination skin but not so well on an oily skin. It will come off amazing first 3-4 hours but didn’t help control oil on an oily skin from looking a bit greasy after a few hours.

Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation- It is a great medium coverage for an oily-combination skin but layering it to get a full coverage will give you a caked up look but it is definitely buildable to a full coverage, but it will feel a bit heavy contrary to it’s “light-weight” claim. It reminded me of Tarte’s Amazonian Clay foundation with it’s mousse consistency. I tried applying this with the beauty blender, buffing brush and expert brush from real techniques and the best way I found to apply this foundation is with your fingers and then smooth it out with a buffing brush or the expert face brush to give it a blended, airbrushed look. If you have normal skin, I don’t see the need for a setting powder as it dries to a semi-matte finish. It is not completely matte, you can still see a lil sheen to your skin so it’s kind of nice that it does not completely flatten your skin. You will also need to be mindful of the dry patches if you have any as it will accentuate it. Not necessarily a no no for dry skin but if you do have dry skin, make sure you prep your skin with moisturizer and a moisturizing primer underneath so avoid patchy, clingy coverage. A few downside, there’s only 8 shades in the range and it was kind of tough trying to find a match to my cooler tone skin as most of the shades leans more towards the warmer spectrum, hence the purchase of 2 colors, if you find your shade you are set. Another thing, the wear time for me was not that great the first time I tried it, I would say about 5-7 hours wear and it will start to break apart at the 5th hour specially if you’re oily, but it did last a couple extra hours the next time I wore it and set it with the Stay Matte Powder. Overall, This will be a great summer foundation for me.

Covergirl TrueBlend CoverStix Concealer- The darker shade worked well as a contour base and blended and set with my Benefit’s Hoolah Bronzer. it can lean more towards orange so that may be something to consider if you have a lighter skin tone. Lighter shade matched perfect for my blemishes but didn’t have as much lasting power as the Loreal’s True Match concealer stick but definitely comparable.

Miracle Complexion Sponge by Real Techniques- Much talked about in the beauty world as a perfect dupe for the amazing Beauty Blender, so of course I had to try… I’ve tried soooo many sponges in the past years that claimed to be comparable to the Beauty Blender and nothing has yet to impress me or could say yeah it’s close, so it was kinda hard to get excited about yet another sponge to claim “A Perfect Dupe” and for almost a quarter of the price of the Beauty Blender, seems a bit too far fetched right? OhMyGeezers!!! Out of the packaging, the MCS does not feel as soft as the BB but dampened, wow wow wow.. it is just as soft and applies just as beautiful as the BB. The MCS is a bit larger then the BB once soaked and that could be a plus or minus to some. I am happy I bought this and for the fraction of the cost of the Beauty Blender, I don’t know if I would want to pay another $20 for a beauty blender if I could get this for $5.99 lol. This is a definite “Must Try” for anyone looking for a perfect dupe for the Beauty Blender.

I haven’t posted any review on the other drugstore products I already owned so I will add it on here :)

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer- This has been my “go-to” drugstore concealer for my undereye as it is provides just enough coverage and brightening for my undereye area. It does not sink into my fine lines and it is super easy to blend.

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder- Another “go-to” drugstore setting powder, I hardly use a setting powder to set my foundations but when I do, I turn to this lil product specially during the summer time or when it is a hot and humid day. It keeps me matte and soaks up the oil immediately. Definitely recommend to anyone with combination-oily skin.

The rest of my makeup, I used my Urban Decay’s Naked 2 and 3 Palettes, Nars’ Guy Bourdin Blush Palette, Hourglass Lipstick and my holy grail mascara Lancome Hypnose Drama in waterproof formulation.

2014-01-17 15.28.10

Bare Faced

Bare Faced





Finished Look

Finished Look

Finished Look

Finished Look

Would you or Have you tried any of these products?

Comment with your thoughts below or email with any queries, don’t forget to share & socialize with me on twitterinstagram and facebook ……stay beauty-full :)

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Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

One word….ok two, YUMMILY DELISH!! Be advised my chocolate lover friends… this palette smells oh so chocolate-y delish…. If you are not familiar with Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer that smells like chocolate, then get out from whatever rock you have been living in and run over to Ulta or Sephora and pick up that and while you’re at it, pick up the recently released Chocolate Bar Palette!! This palette smells just like the bronzer but I believe this is a bit more intense… I mean I literally had to hold my self back a few times from licking the shadows lol…I’m sure it doesn’t taste sweet as it smells but if someone has tried, please do let me know ;-)

The packaging is just adorable, from the box to the chocolate brown colored tin can material shaped like a chocolate bar inside it. Magnetic closure, which I think is not that sturdy compared to the UD Naked 2 or 3 palette with a snap on closure. This palette contains 14 regular sized and 2 double sized antioxidant-rich cocoa powder infused shadows (whew that was a mouthful). There are total of 7 matte shadows including 1 of the double sized shadows, and 9 mixes of satin and shimmer shadows. The texture of these shadows are so buttery soft and super easy to blend. I did have to use a primer just because I have a fairly oily lid so an anti-crease primer is always a must. I haven’t really experienced much of a fall out from the shimmery ones but I’ve also always padded it and lightly blended it so that always helps with minimizing fall outs. I’ve also tried foiling it with some fix plus and they come out soooo beautifully.

Overall, this $49.00 palette is a definite must have for the amount of product in it specially if you don’t own any neutral palette, heck even if you’re like me who collects palettes just because, this is a definite must have even if it’s just for the scent factor :-) (I mean that alone will make you want to buy it as soon as you sniff it, not saying that that’s how it got me but…ssshhhh) moving right along…. Might be worth mentioning that the names of these shadows are so tooth decay worthy (virtually speaking of course) Gilded Granache, Salted Caramel, Strawberry Bon Bon (My niece’s favorite evidently, or at least she loves saying it lol) Champagne Truffle, Triple Fudge….ok ok, I’m not listing every single one of them. Only thing I probably would have done different is write the names of the shadows on the back of the actual palette instead of on the insert, I usually pitch the inserts and on this palette, the insert is the only place the names of the shadows are printed on. I mean easily resolved if you don’t use the mirror on your palette and just tape the insert on it, but for me it’s a bit annoying, but that’s just the OCD in me lol.. 2 thumbs up for this palette!

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette2

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette3

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette4

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette5


Would you indulge in this antioxidant-rich cocoa powder infused chocolate bar palette?

Comment with your thoughts below or email with any queries, don’t forget to share & socialize with me on twitterinstagram and facebook ……stay beauty-full :)

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Marc Jacobs Beauty…..The review…

Ever since the sneak peek and buzz of this product launch all the way to the premier at a few personally hand picked by Marc Jacobs’ Sephora location, it has garnered tons and tons of high expectations from beauty bloggers, gurus, beauty enthusiasts and beauty addicts in general, I mean it’s Marc Jacobs for goodness’ sake.
So after the highly anticipated launch, I didn’t ran out the door to line up at the sephora or anything but I did go and swatched for my skin tone and brought home the Genius Gel Foundation in Deep Beige, which oxidized on me and didn’t really last as long as I wanted it to. I have always opted for a more full coverage base and I found this to be of a medium to buildable medium+. Texture is really nice, it has a cooling effect when yo first apply it on your skin and glides on easily using a dense synthetic fiber brush, It’s my preferred method of application to get that airbushed finish look. If you have sensitive nose and scent in your foundation bothers you, this foundation does have a sort of perfume scent to it but it does dissipate after the foundation dries on your skin and I don’t mind smell so it was ok for me. I do love the fact that it has a pump to avoid product contamination. I mean the packaging on ALL of the line is just soooo luxe and sleek with glossy black and chrome finish…..BUT with a glossy finish, also comes finger prints so cleaning cloths are definitely a must in your vanity :)


Other items that I have definitely fallen inlove with are the Style Eye-Con palettes….OMG I can’t even begin to describe how buttery soft and so easy to blend these pigmented shadows are, I am still on the fence with the $59 price tag on it but clearly did not stop me from owning 2 and gifted with 1 for my bday along with a couple of brushes (which will talk about in a few after I rave about this shadow palettes..) I purchased the more colorful palettes which are The Vamp and The Starlet and was gifted the Tease for my bday (I’m sure the name did not influence the purchase, at least I’d like to believe so anyway lol) I didn’t pick up the Lolita (the most neutral of the collection) because I feel like I have so many neutral palettes in my arsenal already (Naked & Naked 2, TooFaced ect..) not to mention Naked 3 is coming out and I think I would much rather spend $52 on one of my favorite mid-range brand with 12 pan palette as opposed to 7.


Along with this haul, I had to try the LoveMarc Lip Gel (lipstick) and Lust for Lacquer Gloss, but again with a $30 (lipstick) and $28 (lipgloss) price tag, I only grabbed 2 lip glosses and a lipstick. Which I am glad because I don’t think I am that impressed with the lipstick formulation, I much prefer their lip lacquer as I found it to be more opaque and pigmented which is weird usually it’s the other way around.


Another thing I was talked into purchasing is the Highliner Gel Crayon, I have been on an eternal search for a liner that can withstand my sensitive, watery eyes and won’t let any liner slip and fade on my waterline and the sales adviser swears that this does not move/budge so of course I got it…And it’s a FAIL for me, I loved it on the upper and lower lash line but when applied on my waterline, it definitely did not stay…ugh…the search continues…


Ok, the most splurge that I would probably not purchase for my self are the luxe Face and Blush Brushes that were gifted to me for my birthday…. I have a plethora of brushes at different price point ranging from ulta, sephora, mac, sigma and other brands but this have got to be the most expensive brushes I’ve owned even the couple of chanels that I cherish-I don’t remember them costing as much lol, at $48 (Facebrush) and $38 (blush brush) per brush I definitely have never fathomed spending that much on a single brush or maybe buy it on special occasion days lol, we shall see… either way, I’m grateful nonetheless…


Welp, that concludes my Marc Jacobs Beauty review of the items I have in this collection.
Have you tried any of Marc Jacobs Beauty collection? Which ones did you splurge on? Do share :)
Comment with your thoughts below or email with any queries, don’t forget to share & socialize with me on twitter, instagram and facebook ……stay beauty-full :)

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Lancôme Dreamtone Update….

It’s been a little over a month when I posted my haul of the Lancome Dreamtone and tested it out with my skin care regimen. I have been a long time fan of the brand as it is so it’s always exciting to see new launches from this line specially with their skin care.
It was suggested to use the dreamtone twice a day with morning and evening regimen but I have strayed a bit from that and only used it at night and used the Lancome Visionnaire in the day time. I mean I probably would have seen better result with twice a day usage but I am quiet happy with the result it gave me with just using it at night.
Let’s talk texture, It is very similar to the Visionnaire texture as well as familiar note on the scent. It has a light, creamy serum texture with pearl particles of some sort.
It did brighten up my skin and evened out my skin tone and I don’t really have any problem with elasticity (yet) so I can’t really comment on that claim but I would like to think that it has helped my skin retain elasticity to delay the aging process.
I don’t know about daring to bare my skin just yet but with continuous usage, I hope by the time 2014 comes around I would be lol..
**Reason I only used this at night is because of the lightening agent that helps with evening out the skin tone, I didn’t want to use it in the day time when the sun is hitting my face even with spf and moisturizer on top of it.**

Comment with your thoughts below or email with any queries, don’t forget to share & socialize with me on twitterinstagram and facebook ……stay beauty-full :)
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2013 Holiday Releases….Part III

2013 Holiday Releases parte tres continues…

SMASHBOX [Wondervision Mega Palette, Wondervision Eye Set, Wondervision Lip Gloss Set, Must Have Metalics, Wondervision Brush Sets]
Nothing breaths holidays like kaleidoscopic palettes, shimmers and sparkly packaging, At least that’s what translates to me at first glance from Smashbox’s Collections.
My most favorite of the bunch is of course the Wondervision Mega Palette ($49) which is an Ulta exclusive I believe, at least it’s where I saw it anyway. This mega palette contains 30 eye shadows, 3 blushers and 1 bronzer, imagine the endless looks you can create from this palette alone and will probably last you a very loooong time, (I still have my palette from 2011 and I have barely made a dent on it..) For the price I think it’s an amazing deal. This collection also features 3 Wondervision Eye Set ($32) with 3 ranges to choose from, Sparks (Coral & Gold tones), Cosmic (Blues & Aqua hues) and Flash (Pinks and Peaches hues) these sets includes a hexagon  compact of 6 eye shadows, 1 full size mascara and a full size black eye liner.
Complementing the Eye Set, they also feature the Wondervision Lip Gloss Set ($24) includes, 5 limited edition lip enhancing glosses that ranges from pink, peach, neutral, plum and berry red.
Of course holiday is not complete without the Must Have Metalics set ($39) Choose from Rose Gold or Chic Copper hues, this kit contains 1 fusion soft light cheek shimmer, 1 Photo Op Trio, 1 Shadow brush and 1 Lip enhancing Gloss.
Finally, with all these shadows and blushes in these palettes, you’re going to need brushes right? Check out the Wondervision Brush Set ($60) it contains 5 full size chrome plated brushes and a brush clutch to hold it all. Brushes- Powder brush, blending brush, crease brush, shadow brush and a dual ended liner brush.

STILA [Masterpiece Series Eyes and Cheek Palette, Portrait of A Perfect Eye, Color Outside the Line liner set, Art of fine Line set, Color Me Pretty Lip/Cheek Palette, BB Try Me Trio Beauty to go, Portrait of a Perfect Blush, Portrait of a Perfect Pout, Color Me Glossy, Tools of the Trade Brush Set]

This is probably my least favorite release, I love the artist theme but I feel like the collection lacks the oomph of the season but here it is anyway…aside from the masterpiece series, the rest are great stocking stuffers for the beauty lover in your list :)
Masterpiece Series Eyes and Cheek Palette ($39) Contains 3 themed palettes (Minimalist, Impressionist and Modernist) which each contains 5 shadows and 1 blush.
Color Outside the Lines Smudge Stick ($34) Set of 5 waterproof eye liner.
Art of Fine Line Liquid Liner Set ($39) This is a Sephora exclusive and it is a set of 4 waterproof liquid liner in deluxe sizes except for the black one which is a full size.
Portrait of a Perfect Eyes ($16) A palette of 6 neutral eye shadow shades.
Portrait of a Perfect Blush ($16) palette of 5 powder blushers
Portrait of a Perfect Pout ($16) Option of a Neutral or a more Vibrant palette of 6 creamy lip colors.
Color Me Glossy Lip Glaze Set ($28) 9 Full size lip glaze in assorted hues and flavor.
Color Me Pretty Lip and Cheek Palette ($28) Contains 5 creamy cheeks and lip tints.
BB Try Me Trio Beauty To Go ($24) This is a trio of BB Cream, BB Illuminating Cream and BB Illuminating Bronzer in deluxe sizes.
Tools of the Trade Brush Set ($28) A much cheaper alternative than the latter Smashbox set and contains the same amount of brush. Powder brush, Allover shadow brush, Concealer bruh, Allover blending brush and a Precision eye liner brush housed in an uber cute canister.

For the sake of not making these posts too long, the series of holiday releases will probably consume most of this week’s posts. :)

Have you picked up any of the holiday releases yet? What did you get? Are you gifting any of these items?
Comment with your thoughts below or email with any queries, don’t forget to share & socialize with me on twitter, instagram and facebook ……stay beauty-full :)

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TIPS-Y Friday; Do NOT go to bed with your makeup…

See why it’s important to wash your face before you go to bed, whether you wore makeup or not, you should always wash your face! No excuses!

Would you do this experiment yourself?
Comment with your thoughts below or email with any queries, don’t forget to share & socialize with me on twitter, instagram and facebook ……stay beauty-full :)

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2013 Holiday Releases….Part II

Jumping right into part deux of this holiday releases… The same goes from part 1, This is not a review of any of the products, if you would like a more in-depth review of any of the products that I own in their respective collection, please leave a comment below.

TOO FACED [Joy To The Girls, A Few Of My Favorite Things, Be Merry & Bright, All I Want For Christmas, Jingle All The Way]

This year’s collection was a collaboration between the minds of Too Faced Co-Founder Jarrod Blandino and his friend celebrity decorator Mary McDonald, hence the artsy, chevron designs flowing through the packaging of this year’s collections.

I was personally indecisive on which on whether picking up the A Few of my Favorite Things set ($56) which was a Sephora exclusive and contains 20 shadows, 2 Bronzers, 2 Blushes, a deluxe size of their Better Than Sex Mascara and 1 Lip Injection color bomb lipstick pencil, but the defining factor eventually came to me already owning a full size of the BTS mascara, and was not too keen about my lips burning with the lip injection stick pencil (I mean serious burning, not your average tingle) I opted for the Joy To The Girls palette ($46) instead with 15 shadows and 1 full size LashGasm mascara. Nothing too exciting but I believe all the shadows in these collections are all limited edition shades. Another one that caught my radar from this collection is the exclusive one for Ulta, which is the Be Merry, Be Bright palette ($45) which comes with a cute chevron clutch that houses the palette containing 12 shadows, 2 Blushes, 2 Bronzers and 1 mascara. My least favorite from this collection would probably be the All I Want For Christmas set ($45) this comes with 1 deluxe size eye liner, 1 trio of 2 shadows and a blush, 1 mascara, shadow insurance primer and a lip stick. The Jingle All The Way ($25) on the other hand is uber cute and I definitely think is a great stocking stuffer, It is an iphone mock up palette containing 11 shadows, 1 bronzer and 1 blush perfect for on the go :)

LORAC [Rockin Red Hot- Lashes Set, 3D Liquid Lustre Set, Lip Gloss Collection, Mini Lip Gloss Collection, Eye Shadow and Lip Gloss Set, PRO Set]

So this year, while I am digging the Rockin’ Red Hot theme, I was kind of disappointed with Lorac’s collection, there were only 2 sets that I personally would purchase and that would be the  Rockin Red Hot PRO Set ($39) which has the PRO Palette, PRO Liquid Eye Liner and the Scenes Eye Primer and I already own the palette so it’s really moot to even add this to the 2 that I would purchase so I guess technically I would only purchase the Rockin Red Hot 3D Liquid Lustre Set ($28) I already own the platinum that comes in this set but the other 3 are limited edition colors and I love these lusters, but of course the one I wanted is sold out so yeah needless to say I haven’t bought any of this year’s collection from Lorac. Anyhow, the other rockin addition to this collection are the Rockin Red Hot Lip Gloss Collection ($27) with 6 Full Size Antioxidant Lip Glosses, Rockin Red Hot Mini Lip Gloss Collection ($24) which would make for a great stocking stuffer for that gloss lover in your list or the Rockin Red Hot Lashes Set ($23) consist of the PRO mascara and Lash curler. This one Rockin Red Hot Eye Shadow and Lip Palette Set ($25) is a Kohl’s exclusive, it contains a lip palette (7 cream and 3 Lip Glosses) and a palette of 10 matte and shimmer shadows, Great buy if you ask me :)

BENEFIT [Countdown To Love Advent Calendar, It's A Love Fest, Show Me Love! Best of Benefit, Little Love Potions, Luv It Up Color Kit, Groovy Kind of Love, Love At First Shine Gloss Set]

Benefit’s Holiday collection seems to be themed around LOVE :) and as much as I love Benefit and their boxed powders (I know off topic here lol) I really didn’t “Love” any of this season’s collections either, I mean probably because I own the ones I already love and most of the she collections are all sample sizes of what I already have :/ But for those who are just discovering their love for Benefit, these are great sets to have and try out before committing to the full sizes :)
Starting with probably the most expensive one of the bunch is the uber creative Countown to Love Advent Calendar ($68), This contains 24 mini beauty treasures inside each day box (with my impatient self, I would not be making it to day 24, this would be un-boxed at day 1 lol). The rest of the collection with more deluxe/mini sizes are Groovy Kind Of Love ($36) containing minis of POREfessional primer, They’re Real Mascara, Benetint, Dandelion & Gimee Fever powder duo + brush and a palette of 4 eye shadows with a double ended sponge applicator. Next on the $36 price scale is the Show Me Love! Best of Benefit ($36) this one actually contains a full size of They’re Real Mascara, Benetint and a mini POREfessional primer in a tin canister. It’s A Love Fest ($36) another tin canister set with a full size POREfessional primer, mini Coralista Gloss, SunBeam and a full size They’re Real Mascara. Another mini-full set is the Little Love Potion ($36) All Minis of POREfessional primer, It’s Potent Eye Cream, High Beam, Posietint, Stay Don’t Stray (Light-Med) shadow primer, Watts Up, Bad Gal Mascara, That Gal, Hoola Bronzer, Ultra Plush Lip Gloss. For another stocking stuffer favorite, we have Love At First Shine Gloss Set ($26) which contains 6 Ultra Plush Lip Glosses, or the Luv It Up Color Kit ($25) with 3 long wearing shadows, 1 mini creaseless cream shadow and 1 mini Lip Gloss.


Okay all that minis, chevrons and reds concludes the part deux of this Holiday Releases :)
Which collections caught your eyes on this episode?!??! I’d love to see what’s on your wish list, Do share below :)
Comment with your thoughts below or email with any queries, don’t forget to share & socialize with me on twitter, instagram and facebook ……stay beauty-full :)

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2013 Holiday Releases….Part I

Aside from the actual holiday festivities and plethora of food to consume, my other favorite indulgence are the holiday product releases from every single beauty brands, I get so overwhelmed with the options and most of the time have trouble deciding which one to get and which ones to pass on. (If it were up to me, I’d buy every single one of them and I would be set for the whole year…NOT, who am I kidding right?!??!) Anyhow, here are some releases for this year, I will try and be as detailed with the items and my thoughts on whether to pass or a must have. Oh might be worth mentioning that I usually stock up on palettes around this time as it makes the most sense and not to mention cheaper than buying a ton of singles and sometimes, brands usually releases limited colors and/or palette combos. All these products are available at Ulta, Sephora, Department Counters, respective brand websites.
URBAN DECAY [Vice 2 Palette, Shattered Face Case, Anarchy Face Case, Ocho Loco 2 Glide-On Eye Pencil, Black Market Glide-On Eye Pencil]
I reviewed the Vice 2 Palette when I purchased it back in October and may be seen here. Loved it and formulation has definitely improved from their past releases. I have not had the chance to review the other 2 Face Cases, which comes with 5 Shadows, 2 Cheek colors and a highlighter, 1 Full Size High Gloss Lip Color and 1 Travel Size Glide-On Eye Pencil in a cute compact “Face Case” :)
My overall impression on these Face Cases, It’s about $15 less than the cost of the Vice 2 Palette ($59) and you’re probably thinking, “wth I might as well cough up the extra 15 and get the Vice 2 with 20 shadows” right?!? but one must consider both purchase and what you wanted out of the palette, if you want an All-In-One palette to create a full face coverage, (sans the foundation) or if you’d rather have all shadows. Either way, I think it’s a great buy and the packaging are so adorably chic. (Comment below if you’d like a more in-depth review of the face case) The Face Cases will definitely make for a great stocking stuffer for the beauty lover in your list.

On to the Glide-On Eye Pencils, UD had 2 sets released for Fall/Holiday which are the Ocho Loco 2 ($59), which contains 8 Glide-On Pencils with 5 exclusive shades for the holiday and a Grindhouse double barrel sharpener. Along with this release, UD also came out with the Black Market Glide-On Eye Pencil ($36) release which include 6 travel size eye pencil with 5 of which are limited edition color. I passed on these liners because I have enough high end liners in my collection already and I feel that I can find just as good liners in the high street/drugstore  brands, but if you are an UD Liner collector, these may be an awesome buy for you (if they’re still available..yikes) In fairness, these liners are super pigmented, creamy and long wearing so I guess the price tag may be justifiable for some and if you break it down to per piece, you are saving quiet a bit as 1 eye liner is usually about $20 so breaking it down, you’re paying less than $7.50/liner. Again, personal preference :)


LAURA MERCIER Holiday 2013 Collection [Petite Baked Eye Colour, Luxe Colour Wardrobe Dual Decker, Color to Go Palette, Artist Palette-just to name a few)
This release is one of my favorite brand but this holiday release, I was only able to pick up the Artist Palette ($48), which I believe is exclusive to Sephora. I love the buttery soft, easy to blend shadows in this palette and the uber luxe case it comes with. I also wanted to pick up the Luxe Colour Wardrobe Dual Decker ($125) but that price tag is just....but almost worth it when you try to break down the price of each item in it...yes, trying to justify and convince my self lol..This Dual Decker consists of 8 Eyeshadows, 3 Tightline Cake liner, 2 Cheek colors, 1 Highlighter, 1 Eye Pencil and I think 3 brushes.
Petite Baked Eye Colours ($25) are so adorably cute and so pigmented. They have 3 Trios of Amethyst, Bronze and Emerald, Not bad for $25 each trio :)
Along with these releases of Color To Go cheek palette, Line and Define Creme Pencils and a set of Mini Lip Glace, LM also came out with sets of bath and body luxury products ranging from body wash, creams and candles.


NARS [One Night Stand Cheek Palette, Nars Splendorn In the Grass, Cosmetic Pochette, Fling Lip Pencil Set, Crime Passion Face Kit, Voyeur Eyeliner Set, Beautiful Stranger Nail Set, Promiscuous Mini Lip Pencil]
This has got to be one of my more exciting release to indulge in. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE Nars and regardless of how controversial Guy Bourdin is, that’s besides the point, I love the palettes and I guess they could have toned down the names but umm ok who wouldn’t want Deep Throat in their collection right?!!? lol… Anywhoo, just like the rest of the releases, I only purchased a few items that I thought were a key items, I mean all of them are key items if you ask me but…my pocket disagrees evidently.. so I picked up the Guy Bourdin One Night Stand Cheek Palette ($65), 3 of the Cinematic Lipstick ($26) in Goodbye Emmanuelle, Future Red and Full Frontal, Of course I had to pick up Exhibit A  ($29) just because it’s such an “in-your-face” color but really nice color to warm up any cheek tones, and Splendor in the Grass ($49)palette. The rest of the Collection are, Cosmetic Pochette ($75) , which is just an Italian leather makeup pouch, ummm a bit pricey for what it is if you ask me for just a pouch, I’d rather get one of the 3 Pouches ($45) that contains the Promisuous Mini Lip Pencils, the Crime of Passion Face Kit ($59) which contains pretty much your essential needs of 1 Gloss, 3 Shadows, 1 Blush and 1 Bronzer or Fling Lip Pencil Set ($49) containing 2 Lip Pencil and 2 Lipsticks in an oh so adorable lips shaped case. This Collection also features, the Beautiful Stranger Nail Set ($35) with 4 Limited edition colors. Again, let me know if you would like an in-depth review of any of the ones I have from this collection :)


TARTE [Best of Lash Set, Tarte of Giving Collectors Set & Travel Bag, Thoughtful Treasures Best Sellers, Off the Cuff Blush Palette]
I just love Tarte, They usually come out with some of the best collections every year and this year is no different. They have definitely produced some of my daily staple products. For this collection, My faves have got to be the Off the Cuff Blush Palette ($42), I just adore the chic cuff bracelet and of course their blushes (One of my go-to blushes, aside from Nars) This palette contains 4 amazingly pigmented 12 Hour Amazonian Clay blushes and 1 Bronzer. Another fave from this collection has got to be the Tarte of Giving Collector’s Set & Travel Bag ($59) which is the motherload of this season’s collection in my opinion, I mean for the price, you get a travel bag with 20 limited edition buttery soft, super pigmented Amazonian clay eye shadows (did I mention 20?) 8 Deluxe maracuja lip glosses, 1 Deluxe maracuja oil, 1 Deluxe limited edition Amazonian clay blush, 1 Deluxe maracuja C brighter eye cream, 1 Deluxe cheek stain and 1 Deluxe Lights, Camera Lashes mascara, I mean just add on your brushes and foundation and you are packed :)
For Tarte Mascara fans out there, you can add these two sets on your list of must haves, The Best for Lash ($25) which contains 1 Primer, 2 Mascara and 1 Inner Rim Liner or the Stop and Stare Liner+Lash Set ($39) with an assortment of 3 Skinny SmolderEyes waterproof liner, 2 SmolderEyes waterproof liner and a Deluxe Light Camera Flashes mascara. Looking for a stocking stuffer? Might I suggest, Thoughtful Treasures Best Sellers set ($19) containing a limited edition blush, maracuja oil and lipsurgence lip tint..

So this will conclude part 1 of the holiday collection….I didn’t want to overwhelm you with loads and loads of awesome goodies :)
What have you picked up from any of the 2013 Holiday Collection? Please Do share :)
Comment with your thoughts below or email with any queries, don’t forget to share & socialize with me on twitter, instagram and facebook ……stay beauty-full :)

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Spring 2014 Beauty Trend

As much as I am desperately hanging on to my Fall/Winter season it is inevitable that Spring/Summer is upon us soon and we are not even half way into fall and the runways are already full of Spring trends …I have literally held off on posting this but I guess I have to sooner than later so you can start preparing on what to stock up on your closet/vanity soon lol..
Here are some trends spotted on the runways from London, Paris and NY Fashion Week.

-Cat Eye with a twist
Let’s face it this trend is here to stay..Every season, the infamous cat eye liner cameos in every runway with a new and creative form. At the London, Paris and NY SS14 FW, anything graphic was at a few runways including on the eye of a few models.

-The Mane Event
This season, voluminous sexy bed head hair, glamorous grunge, low slung ponytails and of course the top knot hair styles are definitely in..

-Bright Eyed Beauties
I have always associated Spring to pastels and light hues but this season, there have been a major pop of colors, colors and more colors from pastel neons to bright orange and yellows. Are you bold enough to try it is the question :)

-Brightly Painted Pouts
Tangerine Orange, Acid Purples and Bubblegum Pink lips were definitely speaking at SS14 FW. I for one am loving the colorful pouts :)

Are you ready for Spring?!?!? I know I’m not =\
Comment with your thoughts below or email with any queries, don’t forget to share & socialize with me on twitter, instagram and facebook ……stay beauty-full :)

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